In the world of decoration, imagination is very important, that which is wasting Ikea in each of your television ads within the campaign «The richest is not the richest, but the one that needs the least«, So from tomorrow until the February 25 on television and other media you can see this original announcement of Ikea bedrooms, with which they have tried to praise the feelings and special moments experienced as a couple in the bedrooms against the material accumulation. The title of the ad is «Oh Lord".

With this new announcement Ikea wants to invite all Spaniards to enjoy the little things in life, moving away from the value for the material that surrounds society and what better stay to reflect it than the bedroom, an important stay in the house where we spend many hours, where we share confidences, intimacy and pleasure with our partner, and where we share many times of love.

Ikea tries to throw the consumer the following question: What if happiness has more to do with personal experiences, intimate moments, with small pleasures that are not bought with money?

The great ad is created by * S, C, P, F ... y Natalia Cazcarra Director of services of the agency reflects on the work: «The crisis and the power to acquire less things with money will not make us forget that there are more pleasures in this life and that are still within our reach."

La music that sounds in the background is the song «Tangos de Repompa" of The Migas

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  1. This ad is great, but couples are also made up of man + man and woman + woman, as well as recognizing different ages, it is necessary to recognize different couples.

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