Women in general are some in love, passionate about jewelry and costume jewelry. We all accumulate large amounts of necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The problem of this weakness that almost all we share is the storage space, there comes a time when it is impossible to take the necklace we want to include in our outfit of the day or we do not find one of the slopes that we want to wear.
If you are passionate about jewelry and you do not know what to do with so many necklaces, earrings and bracelets, I'll give you an idea ...

It is simply place part of your costume jewelery in a box, so that having it hanging on the wall or on your dresser, you can always have at hand the pieces of costume jewelery that you use the most.


If you want a vintage style frame Like the one you can see in the photograph, you only have to select a frame according to your tastes and the size you prefer and place inside your bag fabric.
The sackcloth will allow you to hang the earrings with great ease and also place some type of thumbtack that will help you hang the necklaces or bracelets.
If you wish, the sackcloth, you will find it in different colors (orange, brown, yellow ...) in the fabric stores; so you can combine the color of the fabric with the rest of your decoration.

A simple and very economical idea that will help you to keep all your costume jewelery in order and can also become an important visual attraction in your decoration, since once placed the jewelery in the picture is not only very practical to have it at hand and the view, but also the frame becomes a beautiful decorative complement.

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  1. Starting from this same idea, a friend of mine has designed a wall jeweler. The peculiarity is that you can hang everything, even the bracelets, without need of hooks and pins and that there are also different styles of frames to choose the one that sticks more with the style of the room. It is super practical and very decorative. It is called SKUM.

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