keep orderly jewelery, perfectly classified and always at hand, can become a real headache. However, it does not have to be done if you have a practical solution, like the one I am going to propose next.

Some simple trays to organize cutlery they can become ideal elements to organize, but instead of the cutlery, the jewelery.

jewelry organizer

The compartments that usually have the cutlery organizer trays are ideal to classify the jewelery by types, colors or as more convenient and comfortable results.

This solution offers a great advantage and is that this type of trays usually have very little background. That is why if you place them on a wall vertically, as you can see in the images that illustrate this post, you will get a complete piece of furniture for costume jewelery.

organize costume jewelery

The only thing necessary to obtain a great corner for the jewelery as functional as the one you can see in the images is to have several trays of cutlery and some hooks that, placed in the trays, will allow the jewelery to be hung.

Any corner, any wall or any corner is perfect and can be used to order jewelry, as this idea takes up very little space.

Find your own corner, choose the trays that you like the most, and what are you waiting for? Start to shape your »jewelery space»!

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  1. I love this jewelry organizer! These trays are ideal, where are they from? I have been looking and I do not find similar to create one ...

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