Attend and organize the bathroom, It's not an easy task, so today from Decoration 2.0 we show you some ingenious ideas so that this organization does not suppose a total waste of our energies.

The toilet paper, Although it has its place ... it is never in the same place, so this great idea can solve the problem of the search of the roll.

Do not get complicated, a simple storage place similar to this and your problems will have been solved.

The tooth brush It is another question and more when we are many in the family. The container type to hold so many brushes, in the end it ends up being a nuisance ... and those items, for the brushes, which through suction cups we stick to the wall can become a constant struggle, because they always take off.

These small wall organizers They are great, each member of the family gets a small private place where they can find all the items they use, both the pasta and the brush and others.

Do you have an old ladder? If this is the case and you still do not know what you are going to do with it, you can always create an imaginative organizer for your towels. Ingenio and figure rise up to show us that recycling is an authentic art.

Finally we can sew, to all the towels, some small strips of cloth... these, simply, will serve so that we can hang them in an easy way.

As you can see, with only some simple ideas our bathroom will be more organized and our life much more cheerful.

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  1. The decoration is very vanguadista and of a particular style.

    I like the combination of the colors of the bathrooms ... .as well as the accessories included in each of the photographs.

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