Restore is one of the most used techniques to extend life to objects and broken, broken or obsolete items, giving them a new function or repairing them.

If you are interested in restoration today, in 2.0 Decoration we give you a great idea that can be the solution for the mail organization. With just an old shutter of wood slats, sandpaper and paint we can make this fantastic mail and magazine organizer.

The only thing we should do is clean the window well, once clean and dry proceed to sand the entire surface. When we finish we will spend a hand of paint, depending on the color you want to give your new organizer, we must first give a hand in white and then, once dry, apply the color that you like.

We can also leave it as it is, if you like chipped ones because they are quite original in a decoration. For this you only have to clean the piece, in this case the shutter, and pass a clear varnish. Once dry hang on the wall that we like, for example at the entrance of your home.

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