The bathtub that we see below opens a new decorative window within the world of bathrooms. Something that until now we had not seen. If we have spoken on several occasions of the innovations that this house stay is suffering with constant modernizations and new designs that make it much more functional while being beautiful.

diamond bathtubs1

This stainless steel bathtub comes to confirm this unstoppable evolution. It is a product of Diamond Spas, a company that is dedicated to the creation of aquatic products, such as swimming pools, jacuzzi or bathtubs, and within the latter we find an unusual design but with credentials that make its success more than certain.

diamond bathtubs2

To begin with it has an ornamental finish and large dimensions to take a quiet and relaxed bath, and no peaks or rough edges, total smoothness. The shapes can be different depending on our tastes, square, oval or rectangular. diamond bathtubs3

In addition to this it is added that it is made with 100% recycled steel, with what we can call it an ecological product and respectful with the environment, all this together with a maximum brightness and durability conditions.

diamond bathtubs4

More Information: Diamond Spa