With the times that are running we must think about the environment and the pocket. Discover how to make original recycled lamps, without hardly spending!

Crafts with recycling are some of the ideas of the decoration trends. It is an activity in which we are not only going to test our knowledge and skills to make a nice design but also, We will collaborate with the environment, recycling objects and using those to give them a new use. I think these ideas are going to like you and can be very original in any space of the house, do we try?

How to make a bohemian style lamp with scraps

We all have a favorite corner at home. For the decoration, for that twisted picture or simply because we have a support in which to have coffee when we read. Today we share with you a DIY of the most bohemian, inspired by nostalgic nights.

It is amazing what can be done with a few pieces of fabric and eager to renew. A small project to show your ability to create and the imagination. Today we propose the idea of ​​making your own vintage lamp and very economical, made from scraps of cloth. For this craft we will need:

  • Pieces or scraps
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Lamp structure

First of all we are going to gather all those remnants that we have of fabric. We will need the structure of the lamp to know the size of each piece. We will cut the right size so that it is perfectly tense, although if you see the final result, it does not seem to be made to measure!

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We will continue with a large piece of cloth to cover the structure of the lamp if we wish. We will cover the whole lamp with the color that we like the most and when it is completely covered, we will stick with a little hot glue.

Next, we will knot the patchwork around the entire lamp. Little by little you will see that the results are getting better and better. Once we're done, you're ready to hang up!

original lamp with scraps
Source: Blogseitb

How to make a recycled lamp with egg carton

A great idea that will surprise you the result since I am sure that nobody expects it. We have to use for this recycling craft the carton of eggs or egg cups that, surely we all have at home. In the case that you do not have any, you can go to the nearest store and ask for them since they usually throw these types of containers. I'm sure you will not have trouble finding the egg carton. We are going to need:

  • Egg carton
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Beads (optional)

To be honest this is one of my favorite crafts that we can do even with the little ones and the final design is very original. We start by making a few holes with the help of a pair of scissors in the egg cups so that when it is finished the light can come out there. Then, we are going to paint two egg cartons of the color that we like the most or that combines in the place where we want to put it and we hope that it dries a few hours.

Then we are going to give both cartons an oval shape, trying to mold it and giving of itself. You will see how this step has no major complication but we will be careful when giving it the shape we want so as not to break it.

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We continue sewing the ends of the egg cartons to join both. It is very simple but you will have to have patience and dedicate time, although if you do not like this idea we can use a stapler. I'm sure it's better if we sew it. To finish, we can add some beads that we like and give it a much more original touch. Ready!

How to make a recycled lamp with newspaper

One last recycling manual to finish the article today and the result is amazing. It is about making a lamp, recycling objects that we have at home and that we will not use to give them a new use. We will decorate the lamp with newspaper and you will see the result. We are going to need:

  • Tin bucket or tin
  • Marker
  • Something sharp
  • Spray paint

We start using a sharp object like a drill to make holes in our tin made bucket. It is important that it is made of this material, because if it is plastic or any other material, we will have problems when making so many holes with the drill, so try to make it from a can. It is very important to make a larger hole in the bottom. Making the holes is easy but it will take some time, it is a very entertaining activity and you will see how in the end you are very proud of your craft.

When we have finished making the holes we will cover the whole boat with spray paint of the color that we like the most. We just have to make some design, you will see that in the video it adds some pieces of an old book and it can look great. To finish, we will put the cable of the bulb and we can place it much better if we introduce something like stones. When you plug in the light, you will see the result!

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There are many ways to perform recycling crafts and the truth is that with the large amount of ideas that we can develop, they can look great and with a very nice design. What is your favorite recycled lamp?


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