Are you looking for a headboard for your bed? If you find yourself renovating the bedroom or just want to change your look a bit, today in 2.0 decoration we give you a great idea that may be of great use to you.

Make a beautiful headboard for our bed it is very simple if we follow the following instructions. So you already know if you want to customize the headboard of your bed in a fast, simple and, above all, economic way, maybe this interests you.

The materials What we will need to carry out this activity, will be the following:

- 2 wooden bars - like the ones we use for the curtains-
- a tapestry, quilt, or a fabric that we like and combine with the colors of the bedroom
- wood paint -acrylic-
- 2 brackets

First we will do with two wooden bars, like the ones we use to hang the curtains. Now with an acrylic that we like we will paint the bars and the corbel. Let dry very well. We do this to add a beautiful color, but it is optional. If you like the color of the bracket you have chosen and the bar you do not need to paint.

Equally it is not necessary that the bracket and the hanging bar are made of wood, we can choose them in the material that we like the most.

Now, the next step will be place the bars and put the fabric. We must take measurements to know how tall we want our headboard; for this we will help ourselves with a meter. We will cut the necessary fabric, according to our measurements.

We must stick the bracket to the wall and then place the bars. Once done we will put the fabric.

With little money and a lot of creativity we have obtained a great and original head. How about?

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