Within the interior Photos are widely used as solutions for spaces. These elements remember situations of our life, trips, people that are no longer there or pets that we want.

Exposing them in our home, as decorative elements, will help us to condition our rooms.

When we place photographs and images on the walls, we can decorate them with some Marco beautiful. In this way today we discuss how to make beautiful frames with just a few.

The bases used are natural material such as wood. The circular shape gives simplicity to the frame and an original touch. We can also use trays or another similar type of base.

To these frames have been added a pair of paper clips, in this way the photos have been fastened to the frame.

We can make all the compositions we want with similar frames. We can also paint the bases with the colors that we like the most. On this occasion we see a vertical and symmetrical composition.

Photo: designspongeonline.com