Only his name already gives us an idea of ​​the origin of this product designed by Donato Corrado. It is the new limited collection of washbasins Fusion of Wet call Spaguetti

With this new limited edition, the consolidated and successful Fusion washbasin with built-in lighting is reinvented, creating 4 exclusive models with the most authentic Italian colors (red, white, green and black) in high-gloss HIGH GLOSS finishing, with a linear print that evokes the typical food of the most international Italy, spaghetti, resulting in a unique, exclusive and very personal product for your bathroom.

Fusion sinks are manufactured with the new material PE (Polyethylene), a material 100% recyclable, easy to clean, non-toxic, very resistant to wear and vandalism and very light.

All Fusion sinks can carry built-in light to further enhance their design and originality, with total safety and easy installation can be coupled 4,2W LED light, which provides savings of up to 79% respect to conventional lights. For those who want to adjust the light to their environment adjustable light can be installed with a dimmer.

Furthermore, Wet not only respects the environment by manufacturing the Fusion basin with recyclable material and installing low consumption lights, but also all its products are packed with recyclable cardboard and without the use of plastic for packaging.

Further information: Gamma Grup