The first bicycle I had was given to me by my parents on my seventh birthday. It was a cross model, quite aggressive for my marked femininity, but pink; so I went from the skateboard to the bike in one jump and totally convinced that it was a very miss activity. Despite looking like a boy on a racing bike I loved taking walks with my friends, I knew the streets of my neighborhood, I became more self-confident and I cultivated the pair of legs that my husband so much admires today.

Since I had the first one I have not been able to leave it aside. The rose was my little nieces - I would have wanted it for my baby - then I went through many styles: all terrain, mountain, competition, two positions, until I get to the one I have today and use diaro, static. The bicycle seems fundamental to lead a healthy life, to dissipate the stress, to entertain and exercise and I love everything that has to do with their forms.

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Recently I was surprised with the LCMX design, from the BIKE FURNITURE house, which is basically the deconstruction of a bicycle and the transformation of its parts into a chair. Wheels are the basic element of creation, they serve as arms, structure and back. Other parts such as radios and tires finish giving shape to this novel proposal. It has a height of 35 inches, width 33, depth 33 and the back measures 30. More information on the website