If you are interested in crafts and everything handmade, you're in luck because today I'm going to show you a very easy tutorial so you can paint one lamp shade yourself and redecorate the living room or the bedroom. The explanations step by step, below.

paint a final chevron lamp shade
Source: Recycrafts

It seems incredible how much a certain environment can change, modifying only some elements that seemed secondary. New cushions, a different lamp ... and the miracle is done! The space is changed as if by magic and gains light and color. This is what happens after painting a lamp shade with a decorative Chevron stripes. That the room gains glamor and sophistication.

Do you want to learn to do it yourself? Well today we show you the process step by step, so you can see how easy (and economical) the house can be to redecorate. And is that to carry out this great idea, you hardly need materials, except for a smooth and white lamp shade, a roll of bodybuilder's tape, a brush and a little paint.

Zigzag Chevron: a great idea to paint a lamp shade

He has already spoken to you on other occasions about Chevron stripes as design to decorate the house. And there are few geometric schemes that I find more attractive than this zigzag that can be repeated to infinity.

They have already been a considerable time and absolute trend, and far from dissipating in the collective memory pushed by other developments of the moment, Chevron stripes are maintained at the head of the most used geometric designs in decoration. To me, of course, it does not surprise me because I find them decorative to rage.

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That's why I want to show you a tutorial I've seen in Recycrafts and that consists, simply, in using the aesthetic Chevron stripes to paint a lamp shade that appeared very bland with its simple white color.

With things you have at home

paint a lampshade materials
Source: Recycrafts

As I said before, so few things are needed (and so simple) to paint a lamp shade like this, that you really only have to look for the materials around the house, without having to go buy anything.

The first thing you have to look for is a smooth screen. It may be that you already have it, or perhaps you have liked the idea so much that you want to buy one to paint it. Be that as it may, recycle or decorate, it is best to paint a white lamp shade, so that afterwards more light will be reflected and the result will be much brighter.

The sure bodybuilder tape that you have at home (and if it is not very easy to find and very cheap), the same as the brush. And when it comes to painting, you do not need the paint to be special for fabric (although the screen is made of this material). As it is not a piece of clothing that you have to wash, just look for a Acrylic paint of the color that you like the most.

DIY work, step by step

paint a lamp shade 1 step
Source: Recycrafts

What I like most about this project do it yourself it's how simple it is, something that makes it an affordable job for all, even for those who are starting in the wonderful world of crafts.

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Step 1. The first thing you have to do is place a strip of bodybuilder's tape horizontally on the edge of the screen. In this case, the ribbon has been placed at 6 cm from the bottom edge, although you will have to calculate the approximate size depending on the size of the screen you are going to paint.

Trace the zigzag with the bodybuilder's tape

paint a lamp shade 2 step
Source: Recycrafts

Step 2. The lower edge of the ribbon you have placed will give you the measure to go forming the zigzag peaks. You will have to calculate the peaks that fit around the perimeter of the screen and distribute them so that they are more or less the same size.

paint a lamp shade 3 step
Source: Recycrafts

Step 3. Trim the excess of the tape with the cutter.

The technique that we are going to use to paint the lamp is called reservation technique. Consists in mask with tape a specific area of ​​an object or wall, to paint some areas and leave others unpainted. Come on, just what we are doing now.

paint a lamp shade 4 step
Source: Recycrafts

Step 4. Once the first zigzag is done, the others are much simpler. You no longer have to calculate anything, just go sticking pieces of tape to form successive zigzags, as you can see in the images.

paint a lamp shade 5 step
Source: Recycrafts

Step 5. Then you cut the leftovers with the help of the cutter.

paint a lamp shade 6 step
Source: Recycrafts

Step 6. When you have finished tracing the zigzag with the tape across the screen, make sure it is well attached and Start applying the paint with the brush. Unless it is very thick, it is not necessary to dilute it in water. The result will be better if you paint directly.

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paint a lamp shade 7 step
Source: Recycrafts

One important thing, it suits go pressing the tape with your finger before applying the paint so that it does not get under the tape and spoil the result. Let the paint dry completely and, finally, remove the painter's tape. You already have your new lamp shade!

Undoubtedly, it is difficult to find an easier and decorative DIY job, do not you think?