In our section of crafts we have already seen some formulas with which you can easily change the screen of a lamp, either large or small, to give it a different look. On this occasion we are not going to teach you how to do it but we are going to give you ideas from different screens that we have seen and that we have loved.

Sometimes we have a lamp of a large commercial surface that has been very cheap but that after all has the whole world, or we might have an old piece and want to renew it by painting it in another color and giving it a more modern touch.

Larger, smaller, for children's decoration or for the living room, with borders or without borders, etc ... the imagination is your main tool to realize it. Here are some ideas that belong to House Doctor, a company that is dedicated to the creation of decorative objects through recycling and care for the environment.

Personally, I love the pink screen with white polka dots and the green base.

Via: Decoratrix