We all already know the qualities of decorate with wallpaper. Because it renovates an environment, because it is easy to maintain and because it is also easy to place. In addition for its qualities is attractive and you can choose shades and styles depending on the environment and our particular taste in this regard. Zara Home presents its wallpaper for those who want to renew using this attractive option.

El wallpaper by Zara Home It has been manufactured with a fabric called non woven of the highest quality. This type of fabric used in the wallpaper now available to Zara Home, is composed of non-woven textile fibers, which are used as a support material. In its appearance this wallpaper is similar to the traditional paper that we have already known, but manufactured in another way and with more developed materials has better qualities.

One of the qualities of wallpaper from Zara Home, is that it has a greater consistency that allows an easier and more comfortable installation. You only have to resort to glue the wall directly and then on it apply the strip of wallpaper on the newly glued base, and voila. Unlike the traditional paper in which it is necessary to glue the paper to be able to adhere it to the walls.

Moreover, in this wallpaper by Zara Home, The paper strips are more stable and only expand when necessary in contact with the glue, which means that the direct application of the glue adhesive is only on the surface to be coated, and that the dilation is imperceptible. Specially shaped to resist light, this has the advantage that the paper will last longer in the original colors in which we have acquired it.

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Also, although it can be started dry, it is easily started if we wet it before starting it. And we remove it without needing spatulas or other instruments. It is easy to clean since with a soft cloth or sponge and neutral soap the stains of paper are easily removed. With all these qualities do not wait any longer, and you can visit Zara Home to get the most beautiful and practical wallpaper Zara Home.

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