Today Decoration 2.0 we tell you how to get rid of the wallpaper. If you have a room that you want to remodel and you do not know how to eliminate this type of paper, today we give you some tips on how to do it.

When the wallpaper of a room is damaged or simply we no longer like it and we want to change it for another we can remove it without leaving a trace of it. In this way we can paint the walls, re-wallpaper with other colors ... etc.

We must be very careful when peeling off the paper from the wall, as this could be damaged ... often due to the lack of priming of the wall or wall before placing the paper.

We should know that there are many different types of wallpaper. Among them we can find the adhesive vinyl type, these can be removed easily, many you only have to throw without getting to the wall.

Some types of paper are usually coated with a layer of PVC, which is easily detached from the glue. In this way we will try to eliminate the vinyl layer as much as we can, for it looks for a corner that is loose. You can use putty tools or scrapers to start.

To remove the glue adhered to the wall or wall we will do it with a wet or steam removal. Remember that to do this we must disconnect the electricity.

Now fill a medium container / tub of warm water and add a plug of fabric softener. This solution will be applied to the wall or wall with the help of a sprayer or roller ... we can also use a cloth for it or a sponge. This will moisten the corners.

Remember that this solution will completely cover the wall, try to reach all corners where there is paper left to rest for about ten minutes. After removing the wet paper will be a real pleasure. To do this we will help ourselves with a spatula or scraper.

Once removed completely, we will clean the walls with the help of a sponge. For this we will make another solution with softener and warm water. Let it dry

If you want to repaint or to paper, remember that the walls must be dry. You can also apply an acrylic primer or wall sealer, before painting.

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