El bath It is a perfect place to experiment with the decoration, to dare with different colors and patterns, unusual.

El wallpaper It can offer great possibilities. However, it is not a material that is used regularly. Normally, this material is rejected in damp rooms such as the bathroom and the kitchen because it can give problems over time, problems such as the decomposition of the paper or the deterioration of the adhesive that keeps it fixed to the wall.

The certain thing is that the improvements in the designs, the materials and adhesives used and the quality of the same ones, little by little reduce those possible problems. Although, even so, there are very few who dare to use wallpaper in bathroom decoration. In this case, the prevention is heavier than the cure.

If you are one of those daring few who want to incorporate in the bathroom original floral designs or unusual patterns but do not want to run risks, I give you some tips:

  • It incorporates the wallpaper but in small quantities. In this way, the sea will be smaller in case of problems.
  • If the toilet area is separated from the bathing area, you can use the wallpaper in the first zone, because that way, the humidity is much lower.
  • The wallpaper placed around the door or some mirror gives the bathroom a different, special "touch" and, at the same time, does not require a complex installation and it will not be a problem if you want to remove it because you have tired of it.
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