The bins are household utensils that go unnoticed but are nevertheless very necessary. If we do not have them, we need them and if we do not, we do not realize it. The fact is that, if you realize that you need a wastebasket, you do not need to buy it, you can do it yourself. Of course, with enough skill. Here we are going to discover you how to make a paper bin.


The one we see in the image is made with strips of paper stuck together and interlaced, but I can also think of simpler ways of doing it. Did you ever, when you were little, make masks with newspaper strips and balloons? For those who do not know it was to inflate a balloon and then cover it with strips of newspaper stuck with liquid glue. We pasted several layers and once it was dry we had to puncture the balloon so that the structure would be hollow. Then we divided it in two and made masks.

Something similar could be done with the wastebasket. We can use a bucket or other similar container as a mold, the problem is that afterwards we will not be able to exploit it and, so that it does not stick, maybe we could use transparent paper, which we use to wrap the food. When newspapers dried, we could remove the mold without problems sliding it through the plastic.

When we have the structure of the bin dry and released from the mold we give one more hand of glue so that it remains stronger and brighter. We already have our wastebasket, and also your children, nephews, cousins ​​... can help you.

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  1. This is very well done and I have been served but my son has broken it and I will try to do it again and thank you.

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