I love cheese in all its variations, both spread, cream and real cheese. The truth is that my passion for cheese is because a good friend has a cheese factory of these lifelong and of course if you like cheese, when you try a good manchego cheese made as it was done in the past it is clear you become a fan It has happened to me.

But today I do not want to tell you about the wonders of Manchego cheese, but kitchen accessories that are for the pleasure of tasting a good cheese at home.

And is that Villeroy & Boch presents the collection Kensington. A collection with everything you need to enjoy cheese. In this collection you will find knives of all kinds to cut any type of cheese, either harder or more tender you must use a knife or another. But in addition to the knives in this collection you will also find two fun tables to cut cheese. One of the tables has a ghost shape, that's why in addition to being able to use it to cut the cheese at your next party Halloween You can use it to present it. And the other table reminds us a bit of a wedge of cream cheese.

You already know if you like cheese these complements come to you divinely.