Every day that I get out of bed, I wonder what the meaning of my life is like, what could happen if I resist the monotony that I have created and if I am really doing a significant job, mainly for myself. I do not suffer doing the work I do, I like to be accompanied by my husband and my children give me moments of great satisfaction, but sometimes I feel that there is no sense in the repetitive and squared activities that I do, the odious schedules I keep, the unhappy company from which I surround myself most of the time.

Where does this need to explain me come from? I do not know. For this question I have no answer as well as for others that harass me. And yet I do not lose hope in approaching - not in finding - the answer. Sometimes I think I waste my time thinking so much but then I realize that by making reflections I understand my actions better, I correct them and I prepare myself to respond to situations in a better way. It does not make me happy but I live more calm.


When I use elements that do not pollute, for example, I feel better. Recently I am using a memory stick called BAMBUS, designed by Briton Gernot Oberfell. Its housing is made of bamboo, biodegradable material, of great constructive qualities, renewable source. More information on the Website www.core77.com