Betting on the color black when painting the walls of a space or room of the house is an unusual option that, without a doubt, will result in a different space.

black walls

It is possible that elegance and sobriety are the main characteristics of black color and, if we talk about decoration, these characteristics are reflected in the room when the color black is applied to the walls. In addition, a very special, different atmosphere is created, with a very particular charm.

It is an imposing color, with great visual power and capable of creating the most extreme contrasts. If what you are looking for is precisely that, create a great contrast, the black color is ideal for it; as well as if what is sought is to create a focus of visual interest.

The details, complements and even the furniture, take special prominence when the walls are painted black. In addition, it is a color that offers a great advantage: it combines perfectly with almost any other color.

Black offers many advantages and possibilities at a decorative level, but it is important to take into account that although it is ideal for spaces where natural lighting conditions are optimal, in spaces that are too small or that have little natural light, if they are painted the walls of black color, the result could be a space too overwhelming and loaded, a very boring space and even in which it is heavy to be.

If you want a space equipped with a great personality and with a very special "touch" without sacrificing elegance, put to paint the walls black ... Do you dare?