Does your bedroom seem cold and soulless? Do you need a decorative resource that gives you warmth and personality? If you incorporate the brick seen in one of its walls you can give it a spectacular change. Here you have all the keys that will help you when decorating with this special coating.

brick seen
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The brick seen has two very special qualities when it comes to decorating any space inside the house: it has a great natural beauty and is capable of bring warmth increasing the temperature of the environment like few elements.

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And if in the living room it is really spectacular, in the bedroom it becomes a very interesting element. So if you are lucky enough to have a brick wall in that space, do not ever think about covering it up. Rather you should elevate it and give it all the relevance it deserves. Today we give you some keys that will come from pearls to get it.

Brick seen in modern bedrooms

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Maybe, when you think of exposed brick walls, your mind visualizes industrial style spaces and large New York air lofts. Well, this is not the only possible (or adequate) location for brick walls. In fact, they look great in spaces decorated with other very different styles, from classic to the most minimalist.

An example are the contemporary, full of straight lines and neutral colors. In these sober and rectilinear rooms, in which the essential dominates, the exposed brick walls contribute to soften the general atmosphere, which can be somewhat monotonous. It is a material that, without being excessive, breaks the linear trend of minimalist environments by adding visual interest.

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Combine it with natural wood

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We all know how versatile wood is when it comes to decorating a house. In fact, it is one of the materials without which it is difficult to conceive the interior design of any space. Well, the rough wood is the most appropriate to combine with exposed brick.

This simple combination, nothing arrogant, is great in the bedrooms. A Untreated wooden headboard (or not too much) of light color, for example, stands out on a wall of exposed brick. We can say that one element (the wooden headboard) emphasizes the beauty of the other (the brick wall). The result you will love.

In Nordic style bedrooms

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If you are a fan of Nordic style and your bedroom reproduces its essential keys, maybe you are thinking of incorporating exposed brick into the decoration of this space. If so, do not think about it anymore and go ahead! You will see that it will be a resounding success.

And is that a brick wall painted white accentuates the natural atmosphere that is breathed in the Nordic or Scandinavian bedrooms, without the environment losing the luminosity that characterizes it. Painting the white brick is a fantastic idea.

A counterpoint to total white

Source: Coco Lapine Design

On the contrary, if your bedroom is blank in the purest style total white, maybe the best thing is to compose a brick wall and leave it in its natural orange color.

In this way, the hegemony of the target and you win in warmth and originality. The brick wall will stand out in the room of furniture and white textiles.

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On the whole wall or in a timely manner?

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The answer to this question will be based on several factors. The first one must be your personal taste. If you're fan of the brick seen You can choose the main wall of the bedroom, the headboard.

If, on the other hand, your room is small or you think that putting it on the whole wall will be too heavy, you can dose it at your choice. An idea to do it, if you have a fireplace in the bedroom, is cover with brick only the embouchure. And if you do not have but you like the idea, you can get a fake fireplace. It is a most decorative solution.

For the children's room

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Do not think that the exposed brick walls are relegated to the bedrooms of the adults. The children's rooms they can be, in the same way, the perfect space to receive surfaces of this material. Of course, in these cases my opinion is that they are better painted white or other light and bright color that softens the visual weight.

Unless the room is for a teenager who likes the industrial style, which may also be the case. Using exposed brick in juvenile rooms can be a great idea.

As you can see, there are many and very different ways to use the decorative power of the brick seen in the bedroom. Do you dare to try some in your room?