There is a moment of our life as parents in which we consider that a flat in the center of the city is no longer enough for our children, although it has been for us in the past, before having enlarged our family. That's when we change our life influenced by the overflowing energy of the city for the tranquility that a neighborhood can offer to the outskirts, more familiar, quiet, safe and where our kids can enjoy more of their childhood. We have no doubt that a child who grows with a garden next to his window, with grass, trees, flowers and sand, has enviable afternoons of playful entertainment and will have a better relationship with his body and the environment when he grows older.

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The ideal garden for our children, in addition to having the natural elements, must be conditioned with some additional furniture that encourages your imagination, such as a sandy beach, rounded rocks, a vigilant dwarf, solar energy lamps and a tap with water. An accessory that would give a special life to the garden would be a swing, but we already know that it is necessary to plant them in the ground, and, if we wanted to make a barbecue, we would have to move it to move it and it would not seem very pertinent to us. It's a portable seesaw is what we need and the British designer BEN WILSON has created it for the design house BROOKS, one of the oldest bicycle parts manufacturers in the world. It is portable, lightweight, the chair is ergonomically designed to not tire the kids and also, is lined in leather. Without a doubt, it can be used by adults. More information on the Website