In these times that run a lot is talked about recycling and reuse. And it is that the things are not for walking wasting ...
That's why today we suggest you go to practice, that you get down to work and that you carry out this simple and very easy project.
You will not need too much, the key is saving and reusing.
This project consists of giving life to those insipid napkins that almost nothing contribute to the decoration of the table.

Tutorial decorated napkins

To carry out this project the only materials you will need are:

  • Painting for textiles.
  • Smooth napkins, without stamping or drawings.
  • Roller or brushes
  • And some dried leaves.

The first thing you should do is pick up some dried tree leaves. Take a walk through the countryside, the journey to work, you can even take advantage of the dried leaves of those plants that you have at home. Of course, choose the shapes and sizes that you like the most.

The second step to follow is to have ready the cloth napkins and the textile paints.

The best comes now. Bringing your napkins to life is very simple and fun.

  • You just have to apply a coat of paint on one of the sides of the sheet, apply it with a brush or with a roller.
  • Then put the impregnated part on the fabric and apply pressure. The image will be engraved on the napkin.
  • Repeat the process several times in the way you like. Around the edge of the napkin, in the center, distribute the leaves all over the napkin ... Whatever you want.

The result is incredible, the minimum investment and you will be able to give your "new" napkins an original touch.
They will undoubtedly become the protagonists of the table at your parties, lunches or dinners.
This is a technique that you can apply to tablecloths, curtains or any other home textile.

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