At a certain moment in my life, I literally forgot all the objects that I have achieved so far for my maiden floor, for the family, for those of my friends, those of my parents and those of my clients. At the beginning as a hobby and then professionally I have served as a counselor when decorating, remodeling, expanding, beautifying and comfortable room spaces.

I do not keep, for the rest, almost none of the objects nor am I very aware of what has happened with the ones I have chosen for my clients and friends. In any case when today, by chance, I meet one of them almost a whole period of life comes back to my memory in an amazing way and I remember exactly the entire catalog of chairs, lamps, tableware, beds, shelves and coffee makers, mainly, that I bought at that time. Just seeing an accessory, I refer to the past and I remember the way in which, at that time, I assumed my life and valued aesthetics.


It happened to me recently with a beautiful object that I bought for the office of one of my professors at the university. He knew my love for design and I liked his collection. It was the chair BARCELONA of MIES VAN DER ROHE the choice that I made at that moment. It was a great honor to be able to buy a reproduction of this object that is part of the productive artistic BAUHAUS. It is not a simple option or economic but very valuable, not only in the monetary sense. More information on the Website