Un sofa bed It should be great when you have guests to sleep in, but make sure you know what to look for before buying one. You can convert any space in a room, providing a comfortable sofa-bed.

A sofa-bed is a great piece of double-purpose furniture. As with any furniture, consider your needs, especially if it is used primarily as a bed or seats. There are many manufacturers that offer them, with big differences in quality and prices. In general, more expensive are better sleepers.

Do you have space restrictions?

Double size could be the perfect answer for you since they are less than 1,5 meters wide. The mattress for a double sofa bed is approximately 99 centimeters wide, and are ideal for sleeping a person. Open, the length can be around 137 centimeters wide and 216 centimeters. Sometimes it is known as a chair and a bed or half-chair beds too. Do not expect them to be the cheapest, due to size. People usually buy due to space restrictions.

Do you need more space?

A full double sofa bed is what you need if a measure of two seems too restrictive. You can even sleep two. To sit, its size is between a sofa and a sofa, so it is still an option for a smaller space. A full-size bed is 183 centimeters wide and an approximate length of 230 centimeters when it is fully open.

When space is not a problem

If space is not a problem, you're in luck as a double sofa bed that is the most widely available type. A comfortable double sofa bed that can accommodate as many people as a sofa, and can provide a comfortable bed for two people. It will measure approximately 215 centimeters wide and 230 centimeters when it is opened.