When we look for a Potentially decorative accessory element, which allows generating a highlight that encourages even a brilliant transcendence in the global design, marking the true course of the image or idea that is intended to be transmitted, as well as fostering a more comfortable environment, rugs are these pieces, since its proposal is undeniable in an ethnic context and consequently its ability to look in our room creating a mini environment that invites to fun or recollection.


But what happens when we look for alternatives to implement rugs, the options they can be a carpet like pavement but it continues to be a carpet in a certain way, in this context we present this creative solution, it is painting on pavements that create the illusion of mats and to properly exploit this context, economic solution, highly decorative and ideal for those who like the technique of polished pavement that until now only left the idealization of some forms since its creation and the total paint for pavements.


But the certain thing is not only the pavements in concrete receive the technique properly, also they do the pavements in wood, where we find a new universe for decoration, the forms and practices are adapted to the existing furniture but we must take into account the technique to implement since in some cases the application of these forms limits the renewal of moving parts that are conditioned by its implementation.


Painting our mat clearly indicates that we take items from the graphic arts and a endless value technique whenever we have the elegance and creativity as a weapon, one of the spaces that most welcome the proposal are the beach houses, the logistic condition of the house proposes that the mats are very complex to clean, the sand usually invades spaces interiors and sea saltpeter requires the implementation of materials of a long duration, on the other hand if we have a house for holidays, it is difficult invest in the decoration of a space that we practically use only one week, that is why we develop this technique.

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On the other hand, painting a rug is a good idea when our economic resources are scarce and we intend to create differential elements in view of the impossibility of developing a more complete decoration, or of reforming the space with pavements and coverings that adapt to the furniture, the possibilities are countless as long as we think that as in other types of You practice the imagination is our main tool.



  1. Jorge Aguilar M., I found it by this means, I am Junior Benites.
    I am also interested in this product, what good to know about you

  2. Hello, I was very interested in the pavement painting you describe. Could you give me the information to get it? I live in Peru and I work in an Urbanizadora. This product would be very useful for me. I hope you can give me a hand, thank you very much.

    Jorge Aguilar M.
    Menorca Inversiones SAC

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