I love the designs that are inspired by nature, and even more so when it comes to the peculiar characteristics of some animals, as with this table Pelican Bedside. Exactly, the animal on which it is inspired is the pelican. This bird has the peculiarity of being able to keep in a bag that they have under their beak and that they use as a net to hunt fish, which are then eaten.



Well, with this table something similar would happen. Its shape is round and under the board hides a space in which to save objects and then use them. With a simple hand movement the platform opens rotating on a central axis and lets see what is inside. When we do not need anything, we close it again in the same way. The "bag" is made of wood and the base of chromed steel.

It is a design Marc Venot and it's an 2008 design that seems not to be in production yet.

Vía: Contemporist