In today's article we suggest you make a nice centerpiece made from pineapples. This new craft is also very economical and an adornment that we can place in our favorite places.

The materials what we will need will be the following:

- a glass vessel (can be any bottle, made of heat resistant glass)

- thick cardboard
- some pineapples that are very healthy
- glue

What we are going to do first is to make a circle on the cardboard, once done we cut it well and be careful with the dimensions. Keep in mind that the size of the circle has to reach us to locate the glass and the leaves of the pineapples.

Now we stick the glass right in the center of the cardboard. To finish, the last step will be to carefully select the pineapples to which we will take petal by petal. Begin to stick them on the base of the cardboard and we are going up little by little and carefully. Cover the glass completely.

As a final detail we place a candle inside and you're done! An original adornment with which to decorate our rooms.