Ordering the closet is a mission rather than impossible, well, better said, the impossible mission is to keep it tidy. T-shirts, pants, dresses, shirts, skirts, etc ... Any day everything will come down and then you will not know what to do. That will be the moment to change the installation by the hangers Dino.

They are the result of the final year project of Lincoln Kayiwa at the Helsink University of Art and Design and are hangers of different sizes in which you can organize clothes according to their length, because a shirt does not need the same height as a dress, for example.

The model is disarticulable and each hanger can be moved and moved, even incorporating a printed number to order or mess up. It will be a pleasure to glimpse your closet all neat and perfect. Mine will have to wait for now.

More information: Lincoln Kayiwa

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