Hangup is a very modern coat rack, with a modern design and with many functionalities, adapted to the present in which the furniture always serves for some function than for its own.

In this case, Hangup if it is used only to hang and store things, for what it was created, but it houses more things than in principle we could find on a rack, since it has so many hangers, slits, slots, and shelves that we can hang everything.

The endiduras of the inferior part have an opening in the center, inside which we can introduce sneakers, caps, shirts, etc ... the upper part has some shelves closed and in its corner we can hang pendants, scarves, handkerchiefs and accessories in general.

It is a design Tim Wigmore and is inspired by the armor of a Samurai, and created in plywood finished in natural oil. Its measurements are 180 x 42 x 42 cm. and it is sold in natural wood colors, red, black and white.

It is sold in natural wood color, red, black and white.

Further information: Timwigmore


  1. hello I've seen this coat rack and I liked you could tell me the price is that I do not see it

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