The house decoration it can be a game creative apt to all the members of isolate and deprive. Y mucho more if we refer to the room of your children. To renew their environments with those occurrences that have long told you. They would love to see them reflected between their four walls. Planning and renovating together is another way to decorate. These are just some ideas.

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your children's room

Maybe they've been asking for it for months, bring their creative talent en your particular territory and show it to your friends. Such a project does not intend to undertake a reform that puts the rooms upside down. Simply generate another atmosphere in your children's room. Join your ideas with yours to give life to domestic interiors that are already beginning to reflect their small personality.

Your children's room: a common project

Source: <a href=''> Leroy Merlin </a>A maximum in decoration is to achieve that reflects how we are, our way of understanding comfort and space. Why not theirs? In your children's room you can get them to give free rein to their imagination. Propose a project decorative in common It can be very stimulating to share it with the family. In addition, surely you will be pleasantly surprised with fun proposals that perhaps you had never dared to put into practice.

Cheer up to renovate your children's room with them as protagonists. Especially if they have more than 7 years and are passionate about sharing activities with you. Let who exercise for a few hours of stylists and decorators. Now, embarking on such a project will not mean giving the green light to everything they ask for. The ideal is to find a balance between the functional needs of your room, especially when it comes to studying and resting, and what is most passionate about them, the game in particular and leisure in general.

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Source: <a href=''> Leroy Merlin </a>Sit with them around the table dining room in the kitchen and plant them to put their ideas on paper, and even draw them. The image can also become an ideal work tool. Take some photos how your children's room is at the moment. Visualize in her in what areas of the room the changes will be made y with what materials and elements. The most exciting will come when the project is finished. Nothing like shooting a snapshot again and they can recognize todas your contributions. By the way, what could they be?

Decorators for a few hours

Source: <a href=''> Paul & Paula </a>One of the fundamental doubts that may assail you is where to start with this somewhat audacious project. Do not panic. It will be easier and more satisfying than you may think and in exchange your children's room will no longer be the same. Start by ask them what colors they would like to have in your environment and configure with them the chromatic identity of your stay. The key is apply it in a balanced way, en different parts of the bedroom and without creating too strident compositions.

Surprise them y paint a partition with one of those tones. Or combine a couple chromatic of the same range on the main wall, as if it were a fun plinth. For example blue sky and dark blue oil. You will be enchanted with a backdrop like this, a very cool change in its decoration. But in your children's room there are other elements with which to play so that they feel that it is a space of their own. You can ask where they would like to place the child's bed, or if you prefer to have the desk in another way for create a good study area. A good redistribution of furniture can work wonders.

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Attention also to the accessories. If you let them act as decorators, you will have to listen to their preferences about these auxiliaries. Since funny cushions to distribute on the bed, to comfortable rugs with nice prints. All a temptation to  lay on the floor and lose the notion of time playing.

A place for study and creation

Source: <a href=''> La Vitrina </a>In your children's room there must be a place for your study hours y a corner enviable for creation. It is a viable cocktail to make reality without completely renewing the furniture that is now in it. The goal is to make your stay a scenario where can createsr, have fun y Of course concentrate for your school responsibilities.

Talk to them so they can tell you how they want their work zone to be and improve it to meet those needs. The key is think how they think, look at things with your eyes and your point of view. Right now you are a great team, remember? It's a fantastic opportunity to develop your sense of order.

It will be enough with look for very practical and beautiful solutions aesthetically in a children's decoration. I bet you wooden drawers of several measures, to stack or hang of the wall. Place baskets and shelves to take out and store items by themselves. A small lesson in autonomy.

And what about the corner where to play and have fun? It will be important to fulfill the agreement with them, to create it as small or as simple as possible so that they can have their moment of disconnection. Perhaps put a swing, away from the furniture and with a very basic design, with a wooden board and thick rope type cords, such as those used in navigation. And around mattresses for children. What a luxury for your children's room.

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Those little personalized details

Surely your little decorators have also proposed put name and surnames to your space particular. From now on, your children's room will be much more unique because it will be a stage full of fun details. The ones they have wanted to use to demonstrate their personality. Maybe an endearing sign with his name hanging from the bed or the headboard, some large letters with his initials stuck on the fronts of his closet ... Or his first artistic exhibitions arranged by the wall, because they have talent. Nothing will be the same in your children's room.

Launch yourself and renew your little ones' room with them.