El centerpiece that we see in the image, it is quite simple to do. Only with some elements can we create a beautiful center, with which to decorate our tables.

Do it for a special occasion, for example for parties or birthdays. If you want to know how this beautiful center is made, just keep reading. The materials what we will need are:

- White floating candles

- Large glass cups.

- Pink rose petals, you can also use other flowers.

First we will clean the glasses very well, they must be free of dust. Now we will place the petals of the flower that we have chosen ... in this case a rose, inside the crystal glass.

It only remains to pour a little water, more or less to half the cup. Then we take the floating candles and place them on the water. We only turn them on when the time is.

After placing the candles we will put more petals of flowers, around the glass and on the surface where we will place this center.

As you can see it is a very simple way to decorate any environment.