If you are already signing ideas for your Christmas gifts, stay with the name of this editorial novelty: Petit Places. It can be the jewel in the crown of your library on decoration. Its pages reveal house design interiors with a common denominator, its small space. A reading the most inspiring to take ideas to move home. As to not read it.

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Source: shape

Through the design interiors of this work it is possible to approach very different projects in their concept. They are works that confirm that the scarcity of space is not at odds with smart, functional and contemporary solutions. Very up to date with the needs that arise in a good part of the current housing. Optimize meters and not give up when we are desperate to discover new space organizations. Let's see some of these projects.

Design interiors with a multifunctional sense

Source: shape

The merit of this book from the Gestalten publishing house is to demonstrate that all kinds of stays can show off impeccable design interiors. Flirty and super modern. Not only the bedrooms and living rooms capture the attention of your 256 pages, with a careful and stylish edition. Also kitchens and bathrooms become protagonists, with examples where it is really worth stopping.

The author of this editorial work it's Tessa Pearson. A journalist with long experience in architecture and design interiors. The list of your favorite projects does not leave indifferent and travel the world. Although most bring the international studies firm, the brand Spain also is present. Once seen, it is easy to reach the same positive conclusion. That small spaces offer innumerable possibilities if ideas that challenge the known are introduced.

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Source: shape

And especially if you bet on multifunctional furniture. Pieces that allow you to enjoy different activities in the same environment. OR Attribute to a design several domestic uses. As for example a bank integrated in the front of cabinets of a kitchen. It will be an extra seat and will be perfect to act as a storage point.

Ingenious reform in 30 square meters

Source: elii

One of the most ingenious examples of the book is the reform of the Spanish study Elii. Of course leaves no doubt on the main argument. That the houses, however small, can have design interiors at the height of larger houses. In the case of this project, the objective was fulfilled after undertaking a total change in the apartment, organized on two levels. These two heights have been the key to the new spatial approach. Not only have they made it possible to create different environments. In addition, they have been a great way to have extra areas in the mini house that were previously unthinkable.

Specifically, They attract attention la bathtub deep in the bathroom, the storage area under the bed y the stairs that save the difference and they are another thing. Actually an original piece of furniture with mobile steps where to save and to be able to sit down. As if it were a small bleacher that looks into the living room of the apartment.

Again the multifunctional sense is very visible and gives rise to new formulas domestic that reconcile functionality with rest and leisure of its inhabitants. The innovative materials used, such as the linoleum floor, and the combination of several finishes to differentiate the environments have done the rest. The end result is a contemporary apartment with very inspiring design interiors.

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A bedroom nest in the heights

Source: NCDA

Given the need to gain breadth in very small houses, the most modern solutions tend to look towards the upper part of the rooms. Create proposals at two perfectly differentiated levels, if the height allows it. This is how the challenge is solved in more than one project portrayed in the book Petit Places. Without losing sight of the idea of ​​modeling design interiors, we always look for be very practical and opt for original ideas that work in day to day.

Source: NCDA

As it happens in the studio apartment of architecture of Hong Kong, NC Design & Architecture. A cool and bold exercise that makes the impossible possible: to provide the home with a rest area at the top, such as a beautiful wooden container next to the roof which is accessed by semi-hidden stairs. Attentive to the front of this domestic nest: an enclosure with latticework that adds warmth and beauty to its interior design. Thanks to this idea, its inhabitants enjoy a lower floor counts with everything you need to make life without missing anything. Even enviable views to the outside forest.

Flexible and intelligent stays

Source: dot architects

The interior design of the current residential architecture is very well carried out with advanced proposals that play with the dimensions of the hand of intelligent systems. It is just what has happened in another of the projects that we discovered between the pages of Petit Places. Its architects, from the Dot Architects studio, in Beijing, They have not hesitated to completely rethink the 30 square meters of a home. Its goal, achieved with great success, has consisted in conceiving a flexible space one hundred by one hundred. On the one hand it is prepared to live in it as if it were a diaphanous scenario, free of walls and architectural barriers.

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But at the same time it has been conceived to transform and adapt three rooms in it, depending on the needs of its inhabitants. A modular composition has made this solution a reality that of course gives a lot of play and probably invites rethink the spatial possibilities of more than one house and apartment we know. For now, this book is an open window to look at our small spaces without giving up design interiors.

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