Today we propose you a activity that we can do with children, It is also great for decorating events such as Christmas. These Little angels They are made with simple materials to get and their finish is great to hang them in any corner.

The materials What we will need are the following:




Colourful feathers

Liquid silicone

Small unicel balls

The first thing we have to do is cut the most pointed area of ​​the pineapple. Leave it as a base. Then we will paint with glitter and the golden or pearly acrylics the whole surface of the pineapple.

Next we take the ball of unicel and paint the face of the Angel. Two eyes and one mouth. Then with chenille or pipe cleaners we mark the halo of the same angel.

Finally we will use feathers as wings. These can also be made of chenille ... as you prefer. Glue the two pens and go! Now we can decorate our favorite corner, put them on a shelf or hang them from the Christmas tree.

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