For those who do not know it (like I did a moment ago) Pininfarina, despite appearing to be the name of a medicine to cure a cold, is an automotive design and body builder firm located in Turin. It was founded in 1930 and since then the company has not stopped manufacturing bodywork for many car manufacturers, from Ferrari, Cadillac or Jaguar to Volvo, Ford or Lancia, among many others.

And what do you have to do with the decoration, you ask, because this comes to mind because the designer Andrey Bondarenk, of 2-B-2 Architecture, has created a line of products inspired by some of the Pininfarina models, following their pure and soft lines, with certain aerodynamic shapes that give a sense of speed and sportiness.

The collection consists of two products: a toilet and a sink, both with installation on the wall and both with a shiny finish, not advisable for lovers of discretion.

They are made in a fresh green and scarlet red.

Vía: Yanko Design