The most effective way to renovate our furniture is undoubtedly to paint them. What allows us to renew them, equip them with new styles and even new functions. Everything depends on the changes we decide to make.

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Types of paint that we can use to decorate our furniture:
The oil paintingis a type of painting that allows us to get very good finishes, perhaps it is often the most appropriate paint. However, this type of painting has two drawbacks: the first is very easy to solve, for this only a little patience is necessary since this type of painting takes too long to dry. The second drawback is not so simple, since to apply this type of painting some knowledge and domains of the pinctóricas techniques are necessary to obtain an optimal finish.
Acrylic paint, unlike oil painting is characterized precisely by its easy application. On the other hand, it does not have the drawback of drying the oil paint, on the contrary, the acrylic paints dry very quickly.
Once applied, this type of paint can be applied varnishes with different finishes (glossy, satin ...) that protect the paint and extend its duration.

Painting techniques for furniture:
- One of the most applied techniques is the marmolized. Marmolizado is an old technique that offers an elegant finish and with a retro feel to the furniture.
This technique consists in painting the surface with a base in marble color and before the paint dries apply, with very diluted paint, wavy lines, which will extend on the surface of the painting, creating an effect similar to that of the veins natural marble. Once the paint is dry, a bright varnish is usually applied.
- Another technique that is commonly used and that offers spectacular results is the stencil. In addition, the advantage offered by stenciling is that it is a very simple and easy to apply technique that does not require prior knowledge or practices.
Stenciling is done using templates. The templates can be purchased (there are a variety of designs you can buy) or made to taste (you can make your own template in acetate or paper to stencil).
This technique can be applied practically on any base, which is a great advantage.
To make the stencil you only have to place the template on the base to paint and apply the color you want to brush, with crankpin and you can even paint with spray paint.

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