There are many things you can do to renovate the nursery. You can paint the walls, change the bedding or the curtains. But there is an idea that surely you have not contemplated, and that is very attractive: paint the floor to give it color and a lot of spark. Here are some ideas that you will love.

paint the floor
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Is the room of the kids a bit dull and boring? If so, you have to do something to change it, do not you think? Today we propose a solution that you may not have thought about. Is about paint the floor with cheerful colors and fun designs to give it a totally updated air.

When we think about updating a specific space in the house, we do not usually think about change the floor. At least, not in painting it ourselves. This is one of those tasks that we find too complicated. However, if you are a little crafty you can do it without problems and with more than acceptable results.

That's why today we come to tell you that, in addition to changing the color of the walls and put new cushions In their beds, painting the wooden floor of the children's room is a great way to renew the space. And more if it is already deteriorated, with the scratches characteristic of children's activity.

Paint the floor to give color

The floors of children's rooms are exposed to great wear. Since the tender infant has 6 months until he reaches the 10 years (and sometimes more), the floor of his room is his natural habitat. I want to say that Children spend a lot of time lying on the floor. There they play, draw, read, make puzzles ... They do not need chairs or any other type of seat.

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And that, in the long run, happens to the wood, with the consequent daily deterioration. You can always put a rug and think about something else. But, of course, this option is not the perfect one either. A rug is not the easiest surface to clean and, if something is essential in a nursery, it is that is always clean. You can put one whenever you aspire it very frequently and take it to the dye every time your children dirty it, which can be quite often.

That's why I like the option I'm talking about today: painting the floor with cheerful and fun colors. Not only will it be as good as new, but you will give an original touch to your room.

Mark the land in a shared room

Source: Petit & Small

Here you have a very original idea, which consists of delimit the space of the room through the floor. In that room three brothers sleep and, thanks to the colors of the floor, each of them has its own rest area and play inside it Shared room. Do not you think it's great?

To put the idea into practice, you only have to choose the two or three colors that you like (or what your children like best, that they may also have some decision-making ability) and paint the different areas, using bodybuilder's tape to get the best result.

Chevron stripes or checkered effect

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Choose a checkered design it could be a good idea. In addition, it is an option that allows many variations, depending on the decoration of the room. As you choose the colors and the finish, the floor will be more or less modern or classic.

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I love the white and red checkered floor, with that special unpainted touch. A very vintage floor for a children's room decorated in this line.
But I also find other color combinations interesting: white and black, white and gray or white and lemon yellow can be good choices. You decide what you like most.

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And what do you tell me to bet on Chevron stripes to paint the floor? We had seen them on the walls, in the bedding, on the furniture ... Putting them on the floor is an interesting alternative.

Solid colors or color ranges

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On the other hand, you can choose choose a single color and paint the floor of the room without complicating the task. Or opt for the range of your favorite color and paint each table with a different tone, as was done in the image.

Source: Petit & Small

The question is Apply the technique in the proper way and add your own creativity. Even simple row ants can become the fun detail in a nursery.

A simple job

As I was saying at the beginning, painting the floor may seem like a difficult task, but it is not so difficult. The important thing is to know the procedure to follow and work with peace of mind. To begin with, you have to sand the wooden floor boards very well to remove the varnish that could have and the remains of dirt.

For this part of the process you need an electric sander (you can always rent one at your usual DIY center). Once thoroughly cleaned and sanded the floor, it removes dust and Start painting with a brush. Remember to start at the back of the room and go forward to the door.

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Use acrylic paint and apply two or three coats, waiting for 24 hours between layer and layer so that it is well dry. When you are finished, it arrives the varnishing phase. This step is essential to protect the finish if you want the result to last for a while.

You can choose a matte, satin or gloss varnish depending on what you like the most. Of course, buy a specific floor. It will be harder and will protect better.
Of all the ideas we have taught you, which one is your favorite?