When we want to repaint a piece of furniture because its color was worn away from the use or maybe because we do not like its color or simply because you bought it and its varnish deteriorated or you do not like it in that wood color .... Be for whatever reason in this article we show you a simple way to prepare a piece of wood to be painted.


First, and first of all we will wash the wood finish very well. We will do this with a solution that takes trisodium phosphate; we will do well on the surface to paint and then wash with water.

After we will scrape, with care, all the furniture paint. All the waste must go outside, the wood that we find very splintered must be completely removed.

The next step cover all small holes or scratches may have the furniture. For them it is convenient to use a spatula, this will help us apply the latex healer for wood or putty for thenail guides, nicks and other damaged areas.


Last We will sand the surfaces until they are soft to the touch. Depending on the furniture, we will use a coarse sandpaper or something finer. After this we clean the wood well with a cloth.


When the furniture is dry and well sanded we will proceed to paint it the color that we like the most.

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