Once the work week is over, or about to end, there is only relax and enjoy the afternoon of Friday, which for me is the best time of the weekend. Despite being a little short, because it starts when it is well entered in hours, gives us the feeling of absolute and complete freedom as we still arrive at the intense Saturday or the fearful Sunday and we have everything to give and everything to do. Friday night is wonderful because when it is part of the past we will still have two more days to rest. In short, Friday is my afternoon, my day and my favorite night.

Undoubtedly, Friday dinner is special because in any case the family will be united or at least until the children are teenagers and do not appear at home during the weekend. It is a good time to prepare a special dinner, mixing the possibility of sitting at the table late, because the next day there is no need to get up early, the willingness of the guests, happy because the rest begins, and the cook's unparalleled genius , that is me, that of happiness dares to make tasty recipes.


Nothing better than a pizza for the whole family and with the intention of making it perfect the PIZZAZZ oven, from the kitchen accessory house PRESTO, gives us a real help. It does not need to be preheated, with its rotating movement ensures that the cooking is uniform, does not release heat, allows your preparations to be as thick and full of cheese as you want and also easy to clean, store and use. More information on the Website www.gopresto.com