There are some parameters that we must take into account when correctly locating furniture based on Feng Shui.

When we are going to decorate a room we should focus on important aspects such as safety and comfort, especially if it is a room for children. So that it becomes a comfortable and pleasant space to be inhabited we will have to choose soft colors that allow a correct relaxation, besides allowing to motivate the creativity. Thanks to Feng Shui we can place the furniture correctly so that you can get a better rest, a better game and an ideal environment.

Way to place furniture according to Feng Shui

Place your furniture
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The furniture must be placed in a certain way so that the energy can flow correctly. In the case of the bed we will have to Pay close attention to how to place it. It needs to be placed in such a way that the little ones can not see lights or shadows that scare them at night and interrupt sleep.

According to Feng Shui the bed should not be located in front of the door, nor should we place the headboard on the same wall as the door. The ideal is place it perpendicular to the door, if possible in a manner parallel to a cabinet that rests on the same wall of the door.

If the bed it is in its correct location The child will feel that he can control the door of his room, besides he will not see directly the light of the corridor that is filtered through the bottom of the door or by some other slit.

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The desk or the study table should be located in such a way that it can help in concentration, so that good school results will be maintained. The chair can be placed with your back to the door, so you can dedicate yourself to study and not be distracted as you will have the idea that they can be surprised at any time.

While it's nice to have a good view it should not be a reason for them to be distracted. That is why the advisable thing is that the desk is located in front of a wall where you will place paintings or shelves so that you can store the study material. The table will have to be wide and the chair very comfortable. You love should have the appropriate height for children. You can hang some drawings and artwork that are made by themselves to motivate their creative side at all times.

Basic concepts of Feng Shui

Place your furniture
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When we speak of Feng Shui we are referring to one of the oldest sciences in China in which it is argued that energy flows affect the way people live and that generating the flow pass in an appropriate way you will get a better quality of life.

The term Feng means wind and Shui means water. Making reference to the wind and water that can ascend to the top of the mountains thanks to its correct flow.

In general terms we can say that Feng Shui is responsible for making the most of it so that there is a good flow of energy in the universe and harmony can also be achieved in the spaces in which we live.

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Experts believe that the development of Feng Shui began about 6 a thousand years ago in Imperial China. Their practice was considered a matter of state, the high members of the nobility had access to this knowledge and based on them they adapted or built the spaces.

When the People's Republic of China was established, Feng Shui, like other practices of the noble classes, was banned, for that reason the current centers of dissemination of the discipline are not located there, but in Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. At the time, it was the cities where the teachers went experts in the art.

Currently, Hong Kong is considered to be the most Feng Shui city on the planet, since it has a project in which Feng Shui must be used every time a construction permit is requested.

One of the emblematic buildings in this discipline is the Bank of China, which has a great personality and power. In recent years, Feng Shui has become very popular in the West and in the most remote parts of the world.

We hope that the advice we have given you with respect to the location of the furniture in a children's room based on Feng Shui have been useful In a future article we will continue talking about this interesting topic.