If you are someone who you are counting the days to enjoy Christmas and revive his spirit, read to the last line of this post. We have made an irresistible Christmas plan. It has everything you need to feel especially happy during these dates. Moments of shopping in ephemeral stores, a few hours of crafts and time to bring your side of solidarity to light. What sounds good?

Christmas plan
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The holidays at this magical time of year are perfect to enjoy a Christmas plan full of rewarding surprises. It will allow us to have a time for us. And between such celebration with family and friends, moments like that are a delight.

Christmas plan with a stop in one pop-up store

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For any decoration lover a Christmas plan without a visit to a store or to a flea market It is unthinkable Or rather inconceivable. It is very likely that we have more than one address pending to know live and in direct. We sure love it stay up to date places that revolutionize the way of selling and exhibiting furniture and everything that goes linked to the decorative universe. Like the ephemeral spaces. If you are one of those, sign up for this name: Winter of Stories. She pop-up store impressive, nothing more and nothing less than three plants, installed in Madrid.

No doubt this year is a must in a Christmas plan to the last in decorative purchases. There are many reasons to approach it. The first is that it is about the largest ephemeral store in Spain. An unmissable event for the Shopping Christmas in a super innovative scenario as El Paracaidista. Until the 23 of December you will be able to travel your more than 3.000 square meters. So there is still time.

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A call in which we will fall before the one hundred chosen brands within the textile and industrial design. It will be hard not to come up with a last-minute gift, or a supplement for dress the Christmas table in an original way and leave our guests open-mouthed. This address can not be missing from an agenda with decó plans.

A craft workshop yes or yes

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In a dear Christmas plan there is also room for our manual hobbies. Nothing like booking a few hours a day to dedicate it to our DIY moment. It seems that the creative spirit and that of handmade objects it emerges with more force At this time of year. We are in luck because it will be easy to find a very varied offer of workshops with a very Christmas focus, designed to learn how to make all kinds of ornaments. Maybe we're dying to learn to build with our own hands paper cities to create a different Christmas decoration. Much more cosmopolitan and original.

A workshop of this kind is also a fantastic opportunity to discover new ways to package our dear ones gifts. Learn to package them with a lot of art, to use natural details and to play with the paper as if we were real masters. Of course the final result will pay off. We can show off these stylish wrappers under the Christmas tree. Or next to that Nativity scene mini that presides over a living room window. What a great idea for a special Christmas plan.

Time for others

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Christmas means share and spend time with our loved onesIt is your essence. Y increasingly with disadvantaged people so that during these days they can enjoy meetings and meetings regardless of their reality. A Christmas plan where solidarity occupies a prominent place It will be a difficult experience to forget. A very endearing way to put it into practice, to contribute our grain of sand, is to help prepare Christmas dinners for families without resources that are increasingly organized more often in large cities.

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In Madrid, without going any further, an idea is to sign up to volunteer of a dinner Christmas unforgettable, prepared by more than 20 chefs for 1.000 disadvantaged diners. The initiative is called I invite you to dinner and the December 23 will take place. Of course your help will be very valuable. And your generous gesture will take away more than one smile during the next year whenever you remember it. No doubt a Christmas plan full of solidarity is much more emotional and will make more sense to these dates so marked.

Art and gourmet whims on the table

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A Christmas plan without an exquisite gastronomic stop it loses appeal for anyone. In the end taste the typical sweets Every year Christmas also has is part of the charm of these days. Does anyone conceive these dates without them? The key is to do it with the satisfaction of discovering something different, those gourmet whims that are justified during this period. For example, celebrate our dinners and meals with a delicious champagne, try a croquette with Roscón de Reyes flavor or taste a nougat acquired in an ephemeral store. More modern impossible.

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This type of establishments are a diamond in the rough to fill the shelf or the storage area of ​​the kitchen of rich artisan nougat. And if we are the ones we love add daring flavors, they will be our undoing. Once cut, they can turn out to be decorative when they are taken to the table, placed in the form of a pyramid. An elegant glassware with which to provide and ready to enjoy a sweet Christmas plan.

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Although at Christmas the shows seem to be reserved for the children of the house, there are many cultural events that await us in the city where we live. This leisure is a basic in the agenda of a good Christmas plan. Theatrical works halfway between the performance and the circus show. Gospel concerts for children and adults. Or stroll between large-format works by Van Gogh in an interactive exhibition about to arrive in Madrid and that can still be visited in Alicante. Let yourself be surprised with a Christmas plan that says a lot about you

Do you have a better plan?