The plants are some of the best and most beautiful decorative elements. Natural resources are an "economic" option to decorate some corners of our home.

With creativity we can achieve a distintinto space, full of light and color; where nature plays a predominant role. The green spaces will give us a touch of joy and a feeling of relaxation.

Create a small garden at home, if you do not have a terrace, patio or garden, a space full of plants, flowers and fruit may be of great interest.

If you have a wall at home that you do not know how to decorate or a corner that has been left empty, try to locate plants in it. Hang them, distribute small and medium pots.

Make a small set, a small space where we can make a completely different environment from our home.

If there are some windows in your corner you can place pots in it. We can do this as a shelf. In it we will put species of plants that need to receive the sun directly. To create a sense of balance, on the shelf, the pots should have a similar style.

If we can, the ideal will be to create a small garden or a floral composition, in the viewpoint of our home. With great views and the green protanista ... this will be the perfect corner, to read or relax.

We can locate some fruit trees, of small dimensions, this will give us a special aroma. If you like the idea, locate specific fruit trees for interiors that correspond to the climate where you live.

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