Sometimes we want to make a radical change in the layout of our house and there are no armchairs, lamps or mirrors that make us feel that feeling of novelty that we so much desire; there are too many places to sit, we are almost over exposed to light, and there is no mirror that changes the space in a real way. We pray for an answer, we want a change but we also do not want to tear down walls, let alone change our floor. A variation, not definitive but consistent and significant, is what we need to turn our house around. The re-invention concerns us all, and our home is not outside its sphere of influence.


The space separator HERBACEOUS can completely reinvent any home or office. Inspired by the English tradition of defining the domestic properties with plants and flowers they have created a light and light, but consistent, divisor of spaces full of color, shape and with an optimal and controlled scale. You can put it on and take it off as many times as necessary and it will not cause major discomfort. You could even use two or more to achieve a more elongated surface. Its dimensions are 2 meters long and 1.35 m. of high and its price is 750 euros, You will find more information on the Web page