Plants in interior decoration

The interior of a home usually needs plants to grant some vitality to the environment. Many studies have been conducted on them and their psychological effects on people who decorate their homes with them.

In addition to favoring the renewal of air, plants tend to raise people's ludic mood. However, not all species can support growth and development inside the home. Below, a list of the plants most used and common for interiors.

Rib of adam: is a very common plant with lots of green and easy care. It supports dark places and corners, requires little water. Schefflera: a leafy plant that can grow a lot and take great height when transplanted to the mainland. Its combination of green and yellow can be useful for the decoration of monotonous environments.

  • Climbing philodendron: A typical plant with green heart-shaped leaves that climb by the bras that one places. It is ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Fittonia: a plant with colors reminiscent of the US dollar. It is usually small and friendly to the eye. Preventing the leaves from crumpling due to lack of water, requires more care and constant watering. Fern button and fern sword: Two types of ferns that never lack on desks, low tables and small bras.
  • Medinilla: ideal plant for those people who like to have flowers inside. It requires evaporation of water on the foliage on a daily basis and an ambient temperature of no less than 16 ° C.

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