The lettersThey have decided to leave the books to settle in any other corner of the home. And the truth is that in a very short time they have been making room virtually in all rooms and corners of the houses.

They are in any place: rooms, halls, dining rooms, halls, halls ... And they appear in a thousand ways: huge and showy, discreet, timid in which it appears only one or two letters independently or daringly, launching messages through the composition of phrases o words.

We can not deny it, they present themselves as they appear and regardless of the space in which they are installed, the letters have a very special charm.

The letters are capable of personalize Any corner, saying a lot about the inhabitants of the house. In the case of the letters that make up words and even, sometimes, entire sentences, there is always a kind of connection between the reader and the message that prevents the letters from going unnoticed.

As I was saying at the beginning, they are ideal for giving a different, personal and original "touch" to any corner or room of the house, giving it an aspect casual and informal but with a lot charm.

En children's rooms and juveniles are very common:


And also about Shelves, decorating or holding books:


But they also appear on cushions and other textiles, painted in the walls, decorating small objects, in the form of furniture, etc.

cushions with letters


It does not matter where you put them, if they are big, colorful or discreet, if you like that special "touch" and you decide to include them in your decoration, I assure you that they will not go unnoticed.

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