Tea pOrOus Chair It is a chair model created by MisoSoupDesign that applies the latest in technology mixing it with recycled products.


Simply its shape already attracts our attention, a chair full of color with holes that simulate the pores from which its name comes. But it is much more than that.


In its "pores" you can introduce several accessories that will make the experience of rest a pleasure. Its structure can include a light source, an auxiliary table, an mp3 player or speakers, which work with an attached device that provides electricity.


For its manufacture, recycled materials have been used, such as old plastic bottles and re-manufactured polyester. Using computer technique they have created a negative of the shape of the chair and then create all the same pieces, but with different colors.


A union of recycled materials, innovative design and multifunctionality that improves the interaction between the furniture and the user.

Further information: MisoSoupDesign