Imagine for a moment the oxygenating effect that would be able to change every time we want some aspect of our life that we are not very satisfied with. It would be great to be able to return only a little in time to undo a decision wrongly made and opt for the option that at one time seemed the least indicated but which, we now know, would have been the right one. It has happened to me so many times that the day after buying a piece of furniture I realize that it does not go at all with the style of its companions, it is too big and it does not fit in the space, it completely goes out of my budget or I just hate it , because it is ugly and badly done, that it is customary to go back to the warehouse, return it or exchange it for another.

The feeling of being wrong in the choice of furniture is not oxygenating at all but frustrating and frustration is not something that I feel comfortable with or very identified with. I try, every time with better results, not to make decisions lightly and to be very sensible when it comes to swiping the card but sometimes I make mistakes and see the prince in the frog, long before kissing him.


It is very difficult, in any case, for a lamp to disappoint me, because they are elements that have a perfectly described and specific use and although its shape is simple, it will always be one of the ones that contributes most to the climate of the home. The RE-DELIGHT lamp is an avant-garde example of rethinking and recycling old bulbs and creating beauty from waste. The design is by the German ANNIINA KOIVU and is made with a lot of useless bulbs, which reflect light, and a plastic container that contains them. Ideal for the lounge tables. More information on the website