If you want a fabulous complement to locate in the living room, the living room or your room ... surely this beautiful candle holder it is ideal. To do it, the materials What we must achieve will be the following:

* Box of pasta or other cardboard
* Scotch tape
* Plastic wrapping
* Thick thread
* A fixative to harden the thread

The width of the cardboard has to be greater than the circumference of the candle, in this way we will cut this if the dimensions are much larger, to adjust it. Then we will make a roll, with the cardboard, making sure that the candle enters inside this without problems. Finally we stick the ends of the cardboard so that it stays fixed.

Now we take the plastic wrap and wrap the cardboard roll ... we stick with tape. Once this is done we take the thread and wind it around the cardboard roll. Check that the thread is not too loose, or too tight.

We can use more than one thread if we wish. We will try to make the edges perpendicular, otherwise it will come out crooked. Once well put the threads we will begin to adhere them with specific fixer that we can obtain in any craft store.

This fixative, once well dried, causes the thread to harden and remain with the given shape. In this way and, I repeat, once it is dry, we carefully remove the plastic with the cardboard and voilá a beautiful candle holder.

As a final touch we add a nice candle and we can decorate any corner of our home!