We know that you love have tea with your classmates, bring guests home and show off your best clothes ... so we want to show you how to make beautiful coasters, with a material that we already know quite well, the Felt fabric.

These items will help you protect the table from possible stains and brands of glasses, cups or glasses.

The materials What we will need to create these beautiful and functional coasters are:

- Felt - two colors

- Scissors

- Glue

First we take the felt of any color, in this case the color blue, and We cut as many squares as coasters we want. These squares will be approximately 10 x 10 cm each. Now, with the help of a pencil, we will draw the vertical and horizontal lines, also from corner to corner, that is, the diagonals. Equally we can trace the midpoints from one side to another, this will help us to guide us in the decoration.

The next step will be fold the square by these lines and make small holes on these with the help of scissors. Then we take the felt of the color that we have left, in this case the white color.

As well we cut the square with the same measure, 10 x 10 cm and as many as coasters we have created. Now we take both square-one celestial and one white-ylwe join you with the help of glue. One over the other, the bottom of the color we have selected will be seen through the holes.

Finally, if we want to personalize them even more, we can cut both squares - once united - the way we want. As you can see it is a simple enough procedure, with an exceptional result.


  1. They are ingenious, friendly, practical and economical. Gracilas by share your knowledge. CHRIST JESUS ​​will continue to bless you.

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