While I wait in the office, where I really have nothing else to do for today, until it is six in the afternoon to be able to leave, I think of something I like to do towards the end of the year; a project that involves team work, made up of the family, and a revolutionary change in the appearance of the floor. I like to renew everything, to give it a new twist. It may be to change the order of the rooms or the furniture of a particular one. It could also be an invasion of plants or mirrors, a new bathroom, reforms in the lighting or change of windows by ones that isolate the sound.

This mania, which I hope will become a tradition, was implemented at home - by myself - the year in which the first of the princes was born. On that occasion I prepared all the spaces for his arrival: with different shades of light blue I painted the walls of the rooms, I improved the temperature with very cute radiators in the shape of a stork with a baby, I reduced possible accident factors by reducing the angles of the walls and protecting the electrical outputs and inputs; in conclusion, creating a special atmosphere so that the boy, new to the world, would be pleased to be here. He continues to be pleased, he has good spirits.


This year I do not want a theme but I have a project and it is to improve the atmosphere of my house in general. I am going to renew what I have to renew, I want to restore some furniture that I have forgotten or I will look for it in my grandmother's house. My husband will also like to improve his office and I can take the opportunity to visit him when he makes the changes. To start with the changes I think about removing the vases I had in the kitchen for the DOTINGS vases made by MANO DESIGN in 2008. They are handmade in VIENNA porcelain, they are beautiful and easy to decorate. They go very well with the idea that I have of a warm kitchen that I want. In the Web page www.manodesign.at/

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  1. To not waste anything of what you have at home with the old vases you can make new creations, such as lining them with plastic inside and use them as an umbrella stand, or lining them with a paper you like and using them as magazine racks.

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